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Steam Clean Engine

This can be a touchy subject with car enthusiasts so I have to tread lightly. The question today from a reader asked about engine steam cleaning and how they should do it and what product to use.

Now, before you scream at me let me just clear the air a bit. PERSONALLY I do not clean my engine bay area, and for these reasons.

1. My engine can care less how dirty it is, it won’t run any better if it’s clean

2. The AVERAGE car owner with little mechanical experience will likely cause more problems trying to clean their engine than it’s worth.

3. IF you are trying to sell your vehicle, to me…as a car repair professional it throws up red flags when I see a freshly cleaned engine bay. What are you trying to hide?????

So now that I have given you my opinion, if you still want to clean off old oil residue from your engine…which is fine, its especially helpful when you are trying to find the source of the oil leak. If this is you, please watch my video below for a helpful tip and suggestions on doing that.


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