Steering Wheel Shakes When I Brake

Recently, every time i brake to come to a stop the steering wheel shakes alot. if i’m doing about 30mph and start braking it doesn’t shake as much, but when i’m doing 70mph on the carriageway its shakes alomost uncontrolably.

We took it to our qualified mechanic friend and he looked it over and thought it was the gaters needing to be changed which he did but to no avail. he is still unsure why the wheel is shaking. he also changed a bolt from the wheel. he doesn’t know, can you help me???


Hey there Carol,

I would assume you have “warped brake rotors” and they need to be resurfaced or replaced. Here is an article I wrote about the subject.

Brake Rotor Warped Causing Steering Wheel to Shake



Austin Davis

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