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I have this really annoying steering wheel vibration that seems to be worse around 65 MPH on the freeway. I replaced the front struts myself last week thinking that was the cause but it is still there.

Any suggestions?


Hey there Arnold

If you can feel and or see the steering wheel vibrating from side to side the problem is most likely in the front wheels.

I would start by having the front wheels moved to the rear of the vehicle and balance all 4 wheels.

Usually a tire balance problem is there (or worse) at one speed but goes away or gets much better at a higher speed.

So, if the vibration is there at 65 MPH but at 75 MPH it is much better or totally gone then I would highly suspect a wheel balance problem.

If the vibration is worse or gets worse at 75 MPH then I would look to see if a tire is defective or completely worn out or coming apart. If you don’t see any obvious tire problems then I would get a front end alignment and see if there is a worn or broken front end part or bushing causing the vibration.

I had a similar situation in my wife’s car not too long ago and made a short video about it. Watch it below and see if that makes more sense to you.




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  • Austin Davis

    Awesome, thanks for sharing your comment with us Will. Best of luck to you.

  • Will.

    I took my car and asked my mechanic to balance my wheels and the vibration went away just like you said, my steering wheel had this very weird vibration but it happened around 40 mph. Now it is completely gone.

  • Austin Davis

    Great John, thanks for sharing and commenting. Glad it was helpful to you. Tire balancing is probably the cure in your situation.

  • John

    We have that issue with my Ranger. It runs straight, however, at about 65 mph it starts to shimmy and shake. We got new tires and it seemed to remedy it for a period of time, but now it’s back. I’m going to take this information to the mechanic:) It’s great to be armed with this when going in so no one will try to take advantage.

    Thanks again for all your info on the site. I have been reading through it the last week.

  • Austin Davis

    Thank you for your comment and input Hannah, have a wonderful day today.

  • Hannah D.

    Thanks again for the tip. We have two older vehicles and this site has been invaluable. At some point every situation that you have talked about has happened to one of our vehicles. I wish that I had found this site a lot sooner. I probably would have saved a ton in auto repairs over the years. Unfortunately I haven’t always found the most honest mechanics. I wish we lived closer to your shop!