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Stripped Oil Drain Plug

How common is it for the bolt in the oil pan to be stripped? Is this normal wear and tear issue or a technique issue? I have been taking my Hyundai (115,000 miles) to a dealership for oil changes over the past 6 years and am told stripping is a normal occurrence with multiple oil changes. I now need a very expensive new oil pan. Help me understand what has happened.

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Why hello there MD,

Yes, this can happen over the life of many oil changes….although it is usually caused by a mechanic who over tightens the drain plug or cross threads the plug onto the pan. In many cases you can buy and install an oversized drain plug made just for this situation. You can buy these plugs at your local auto parts store, or you can have your mechanic use a tap and die to enlarge the oil pan hole just slightly and then rethread this new hole to fit a slightly larger drain plug.

The dealership will probably NOT want to repair the problem but rather sell you a new oil pan…they are in business of selling new auto parts not repairing old ones. If you can, you might want to take the vehicle to an independent repair shop (not a dealer or a national franchise) and get them to repair the oil pan for you like I mentioned above.


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