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Student car insurance low mileage discount

Speaking of carpooling…

It is true that having other people carpool with you could get you a discount on your car insurance, but they might be doing it because they’re getting their own discount as well. This is probably because they’re taking advantage of the low mileage discount, which is easy to do if you live in a university town and are getting carpooled everywhere.

Most car insurance companies offer low mileage discounts, although they are only for those who have mileage that is very, very low. As someone who burns through at least fifty miles a day, I can’t see how anyone could keep to car insurance companies strict quotas for a low mileage discount, but it can be done. Most car insurance companies require that you use as little as 5,000 miles per year in order to qualify for this discount, so in order to get into that bracket you’re going to have to cut the driving considerably.

One way to do this is to use public transportation, which with some companies comes with its own discounts. Another way is to take advantage of carpooling. In a university town, where there are so many people in such little space, and you probably live in close proximity to many of your friends, it probably shouldn’t be too hard to cut down on your driving. Also, when you’re close enough, don’t be afraid to walk! It’s good for your health and your premium as well.


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