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Subaru Engine Ticking Noise

Hello I just bought a Subaru Outback sport with a 2.2 engine 123.000 miles automatic trans when i first start it the motor ticks for about 5 minutes once its warms its gone i heard it could be a valve tick I do some of my own car work but not with motors just wanted to know if it is a big promlem or not nothing to worry about also is there any way to help it THANKS


Hey there,

This COULD be a problem, but I think I would buy a can of Marvel Mystery Oil from your local auto parts store and add this can of additive to your engine oil. Drive the car as normal a few days and see if the noise goes away.

Just leave the additive in your oil….you dont have to drain it or anything. If the noise goes away, you probably have lifter in the cylinder head that is dirty or weak.

I would not worry about this, but would use a new can of additive with each oil change. if the noise is still there, I would get a qualified Subaru mechanic to listen to it and would not continue to drive this car with that noise.

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