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Subaru Head Gasket Repair


Love your site and your writing style, wish you were my mechanic :)

I have a Subaru wagon and was told my head gasket is leaking. I am constantly adding coolant to the system, I do see a little white smoke out the tailpipe and have done the cooling system pressure test like you mentioned in another post you made. Sure seems like my head gasket is leaking to me. Any thoughts?

Hi there Dale!

Thanks for your kind words! There have been many reports of head gasket leaks on Subaru vehicles over the years,and it seems you have done your homework and confirmed that it could be suspect.

So you have two options here.

1. Remove the cylinder head and send it to a machine shop and ask them to do a magnaflux and dye check for cracks, resurface the head so its smooth and flat again and do a complete valve job….that is the PROPER way to replace a head gasket for the best long term life of the engine, but its costly. $1500+- (ouch)

2. Try a head gasket sealer additive you add to the cooling system. There are many on the market, some work some do not. I have had personal success on 100’s of customer vehicles over the years using a product by K&W Engine Block Seal. You can buy this at just about any auto parts store, and its cheap and easy to use….BUT I highly recommend you use it as per my instructions not those on the can.

Watch my quick video and I will explain the product more and why I use it differently in my shop.

Keep me posted will ya!

Austin C. Davis

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