Test Driving Tips and Tricks

Be an ice queen on your test drive when go to a lot to check out your options for buying a new car. I know it sounds like no fun, and being unengageable may make you a little uncomfortable when the salesperson is all excited and trying to get you to be the same way, but you have to stick it out if you want to get all the information that you can about your new car.

Don’t act like you’re excited, even if you are. Instead, stay calm and let the salesperson be the giddy one. You need to be concentrating on how this car drives so you don’t get any nasty surprises in the future. The salesperson will be trying to get you to join in with them, but just be polite and in control. If they try to calm things down by turning on the radio, turn it back off. You don’t have to be rude, just let them know that you have to concentrate. The sound of music can obscure any interesting noises or vibrations that you’ll want to know about and which might put you off buying the new car.

Pretend you aren’t much impressed by the car, and ask them all the questions instead of letting them ask you the questions. If they state something about the car, don’t believe it until you see it written down as part of a contract, because remember that verbal contracts and promises don’t count for much.

They’ll be trying, while you are test driving, to figure out information about you, about your trade in and what amount you can afford for a monthly payment. Don’t let them do it. Inform them that you want to negotiate the full price first and then talk about monthly payments.


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