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The 100,000th Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is an SUV luxury, but production has data that show the success it is having this vehicle, which since 2002 is manufactured at the Porsche plant in Leipzig is (the Porsche Panamera also manufactured there) .

Specifically, the second generation this Friday reached the figure of 100,000 units produced . The unit has reached a V8 round will go to Brazil. Of course it is a coincidence, but it’s no wonder this country is an important market for the German mark.

This demand is because in many markets this SUV is the most popular model the brand . Without going any further, in Spain, the brand last year sold 1207 Porsche Cayenne , 304, Panamera , Porsche 155911 , 50 Boxster and as many Cayman

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