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The Cheapest Auto Insurance – If You Don’t Have Claims

It’s hurricane season, and in some (remote) parts of the country it’s still a little closer to winter time. When it’s a time that involves more dangerous weather, more accidents happen and as a result people have to pay a lot more for their car insurance. So, it’s better to know what to do ahead of time, so that you know how to be safe in bad weather. And for those of you living in hurricane-heavy states, keep your tanks full and ready to go! You never know what might happen.

If it’s raining, snowing, icy, etc. out, then there’s a few safety steps you should follow.

  • Slow down. This can’t be stressed enough. You don’t have much traction in harsh conditions, so you need to reduce your speed.
  • Instead of keeping 3 seconds behind the car in front of you, change it to 4 seconds, and 5 if it’s nighttime.
  • Careful when you brake. Too much pressure on your brakes will make you skid. Keeping a constant, steady pressure is the best way to go with modern anti-lock brakes.
  • Go slower and watch out when you come to places where ice forms more readily–bridges, dark areas, intersections, and overpasses. If the sound of your tires over the road suddenly changes, let go of the gas right away. It could be black ice.
  • If it’s snowing, stay in the ruts made by other cars.
  • Check your traction by carefully putting the brakes while going slow.
  • Remember that four-wheel drive isn’t as helpful as you think in ice or snow.
  • Or just stay home. That’s some 100% protection right there.

If you do end up losing control of your car in bad road conditions, don’t panic and back it worse. Instead of slamming the brakes and going wild on the wheel, keep your foot off the brake and turn the wheel slowly back in the direction you want the car to face. Braking will just make things worse.

Stay safe,

Fashun Guadarrama.

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