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I have a question about my Honda Accord. I was told I need to replace my timing belt at about 60,000 miles and I have a little more than that now. Can you please give me an estimate of what the timing belt replacement cost will be for me?



Hi there Doris,

Yes, you are correct. Many manufacturers are recommending that the timing belt be replaced about or about 60,000 miles (check your owners manual) and it sounds like you are due for yours to be replaced.

Giving an estimate on timing belt replacement cost is a little tricky because there can be other items that might or should be replaced at that time.

I would guess, on average that the timing belt replacement cost to be about 4.5 hours labor, and about $40 for the belt. Now, sometimes it is recommended that you change the water pump during this operation.

The pump is driven by the belt, and you have already paid 90% of the labor to get to the water pump why not replace it while you are there to prevent failure later on?

So, if your mechanic charges $85 an hour X 4.5 = $382.50 in labor plus the price of the belt…and water pump if you decide to replace that as well.

Here is a great video showing you what and how the timing belt works.

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