Tire Cupping

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Want to know what tire cupping was all about and what can I do to repair damage to my car tires?



Hello Ruth,

To help you better understand what tire cupping is and how it can destroy your tires I have put together this youtube video that I think will really help you determine what is the cause of the cupping in the first place.

There are other tear wear patterns that I would like you to know about too and how you can reduce the wear on your tires.

So….watch this quick video please.


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  • Austin Davis

    Thanks for your comment John, glad it was helpful to you.

  • John Carl

    We had a similar issue. I believe it was cupping. It made a strange sound and had a vibration. We ended up letting it go too long and had to replace the tire. Thanks for the video. This site has great information for us car and truck owners.