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Tire Wear Explained

I am notorious for checking out friends and family vehicles as they stop by my house to say hello.  Heck I even find myself glancing at the tires and inspection safety inspections of random cars I walk by in parking lots. I might have checked out your vehicle :)

Most people…or should I say the average car owner rarely takes the time to inspect their car tires for wear, let alone open the hood from time to time and check on belts and hoses and battery cable connections, which are the top 3 mechanical breakdown issues I see.

I made a short video with my iphone (sorry the video is narrow width) that shows some concerning tire wear issues…that could have been easily avoidable. 

Watch the video, and next time to get in your car take just a few minutes to walk around and inspect your tires and see if you have any of these issues you should be taking care of now to save time and money later.

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