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Hi Austin, love your site and your weekly newsletter both have been very helpful to me over the years.

Question, what can you tell me about tire wear patterns? I have this unusal wear I am seeing on my SUV lately and don’t want them to wear out prematurely.

Tom G.


Hello there Tom,

Thanks for the kind words.

There are many types of tire wear patterns and some of them are related to lack of tire rotation and balancing and others are a sign of an alignment problem.

To help you better understand the difference I made this short video of tire wear patterns and symptoms that I think will really shed some light on the subject better than me typing it out for you. And give my fingers a rest today. :)

Check out my video below.

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  • Austin Davis

    I made video about the common types of tire wear and their causes. Here is the link http://youtu.be/Pw1lWqlFsEE

  • Biswajeet

    I have Chevrolet Tavera. I have tyre wear problems.
    Please help me out to sort this problem.