Tires are Noisy After Rotation

I had my tires rotated on my Chevy Malibu at 34000 miles. Now it is making a thumping noise.The dealer said it should go away in a few days or so, and the car has to adjust to the different wear.Is this right? Help!!!

Hi there

If they say the noise is coming from the tires, you probably should re-inspect the tires and replace the ones that are worn IF they are a safety issue.

I mean, the tires have 34K miles on them and they are worn uneven thus the noise, so if they are worn that much should they be replaced? That is a question for the mechanic.

If they are NOT worn out enough to cause a safety issue but are worn unevenly (sometimes tires wear unevenly due to lack of tire rotation and balancing) yes, the noise might quiet down some as the tires wear down over time, but will probably not go away completely.

I recommend rotating AND balancing the tires every 4 oil changes or 12K miles.

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Blessings, Austin C. Davis

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