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Toyota Camry Engine Noise


Well I have Toyota Camry and it might have an oil leak and makes a
Noise When it Idols and When i Accelerate….I put 5w-30 oil and it still
makes Noise and still shows that the oil is low on the Dipstick what should
I do?

Hey there,

First off make sure there is plenty of oil in the engine, if it’s low top off with oil and see if the noise goes away.  This noise could be coming from the lifters which are located inside the top part of the engine.

You can add a can of “Marvel Mystery Oil” additive to your engine oil to see if that quiets things down. This oil additive can be purchased at most auto supply stores.

This noise could also be coming from an exhaust leak, the fan belt or from one of the components like the A/C compressor or power steering pump.  You might want to have a mechanic take a listen to it and give their opinion.  Most repair shops will take a test drive with you free of charge.


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