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Toyota Camry Rough Idle and Dies at Stops

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry with about 150000 miles. After I dive my car for a while, I go to a gas station, stop the car, fill the gas tank, then it’s hard to start my car Properly. I can actually start the car, but the car/engine does not run smoothly, it idles a little bit. The car will stop after a while (not driving) of if I drive it. Usually I have to start the card several times till the car engine runs smoothly. This problem is getting frequently now. The car is easy to start when the engine is cool/cold.

I took the car to a repair shop last week, the guy cold not find the causes of the problem. So he did not repair it.


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I would ask your mechanic to inspect and clean the throttle body, it should be done as maintenance at this mileage regardless if it corrects the problem. It’s cheap and fast to do and should greatly improve idle performance.

Austin Davis

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