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Toyota Tacoma Check Engine Light

Hey Austin

I have a Toyota Tacoma, 4WD, Extra Cab, 4 Cyl, 2.7 Liter engine,

250,000 miles.  The check engine light came on and indicated misfires on

cylinder #2.

I tested the compression on the #2 cylinder and it was under 50, where the

#1 was around 140.

1) What should my next step be?

2) It still runs ok, is it ok to drive?



Hey there MP,

This engine still runs ok with that weak # 2 cylinder?  Fuel mileage still good, no engine miss at idle, no lack of power complaint, no smelly rich exhaust smoke or fumes from the tailpipe etc. etc. etc.???

Heck, at this high mileage and with this type of problem…..I would either get rid of it while the engine is still running, or run it into the ground and be prepared to replace the engine or sell the vehicle for scrap.

You are going to need to replace or rebuild the entire engine, no partial overhaul or patch job is going to be expected at this mileage I’m afraid.

As long as you don’t have to pass a vehicle emission test in your city….you can probably continue to drive it until it just flat out gives up.  You will not pass an emissions test though…….I ‘m pretty darn sure of it.

Can you squeeze another 50K miles out of it?  hummmm


Austin Davis

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