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I just put new transmission fluid in my car and now it wont move it just revs up why is it doing that and how can i fix it? Would a transmission flush help or hurt?


Hi There,

If the fluid is full then it’s most likely an internal problem. I have a few articles about the dangers of transmission flush that are slipping or have never been serviced before.

Removing the old gritty fluid that has been giving friction to the internal clutches with new slick fluid can cause massive internal slipping.

If you are not sure when the transmission fluid was last changed, or if the transmission is slipping or doing anything out of the normal I HIGHLY recommend you do not flush or service the transmission until you get a mechanic to drive with you and give his opinion.  Doing so could make things much worse.

Probably nothing you can do at this point except an overhaul.

Austin Davis


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