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Transmission Jerks On Stops and Turns

Reader Question Hey Austin, my Chevy Lumina with 178 K miles has started shuttering when I come OUT of corners or when breaking for stops. If I pop into nuetral it quits and I put back into drive and it is OK- this only happens periodically and especially when the engine is warm. Any clues??

Hey there At first guess I would say your probably have transmission issues. When the torque converter solenoids gets worn out it will make a shutter feeling, kinda like there is a huge engine misfire. Since it goes away when you switch from neutral to drive again just makes me think you are probably getting near a transmission overhaul.

DO NOT change the transmission fluid or the filter, it will just make things worse. If this is truly the case, a transmission overhaul is going to be a lot of money to put into this 12 year old vehicle. Maybe time to trade it off ..quick. See if you can get a transmission shop to take a test drive with you for their opinion.

Austin Davis

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  • Johnny G

    Unplug torque converter wire harness,
    Then drive, if it’s OK
    You can drive it this way for years