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Austin, hello young man (I can say that because I am an old woman) how are you today. I love getting your weekly emails, they have helped a lot since my husband past and I am on my own.

I have his 1995 Ford pickup, and the automatic transmission has finally given out. What can you do to help me feel more at ease about getting this transmission repair done on this old thing?



Hello Doris,

Thanks for the complements! Sorry to hear about your husband.  Transmission repair huh…, that is a sore subject for me.

Honestly, I HATE dealing with transmission repair shops….hate it.  I am a repair shop owner and even I get treated poorly when I have to take a customer car to a transmission shop. Not sure what it is about those places, but seems they all went to the same customer training class. :(

Here is what I would recommend you do…or at least think about.

Ford sells rebuilt transmissions in their dealership parts department. The brand is AER, and it will be sold to you in a plastic case already to go including filled with fluid.

I personally think that is the best option, and why I say that is because you will get a nationwide warranty at any Ford dealership you go to. I think the warranty is 12,000 miles 12 months.

Now, I would buy the transmission from the dealership and then pay your local mechanic to install it for you. Then take the old transmission back to Ford and they will give you your “core deposit” back and rebuild your transmission to sell to someone else.

Not only do you get a nationwide warranty, but you also can get this transmission installed in about 4 hours. Taking the vehicle to a transmission shop can take days to overhaul and many times you don’t get a real nationwide warranty either.

Some shops do have affiliations with other shops and claim “nationwide” warranty coverage….but I seriously doubt it.

I know there is a Ford dealer in just about all cities in the U.S and I trust Ford to honor their part warranty.

Chevy has the same program and Dodge does too, so call and check with the dealership first before you run out and have your transmission overhauled.

YES, it does cost a bit more, but the time savings and nationwide warranty make it a nice investment to me.

Hope this helps, take care of yourself.


Austin Davis

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  • Austin Davis

    Burt, yes you are correct…I would pay a little more to get a nationwide warranty from a larger company that will honor it.

  • Burt

    I almost got my transmission repaired at one of those places and when I read your post I went straight to an authorized dealer, it was a bit more expensive but my mind is at ease since I know I will have a full warranty for my new transmission.

  • Austin Davis

    The dealership is a great place to get warranty work done, or tricky electrical problems DIAGNOSED but I would always recommend the actual repair be done at a mom and pop type of shop to save money. Dealers are just too expensive for routine repairs.

  • Jen

    We bought a rebuilt transmission for our old Ford and it now have over 75,000 miles on it. Our local mechanic put it in at $56 per hour and the dealership rate was $96. We saved money and time as he did it quickly. We hope to get many more miles out of it!