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Transmission Slipping? Won’t Go Over 65 MPH

When I press on the gas I can hear the engine’s RPMs going up, but it doesn’t feel like the transmission (AT) is switching gears. Sometimes it will also jerk. It takes forever to accelerate, and now this morning I couldn’t get it to get above 65mph on the freeway.

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Do you have an RPM gauge on the dash? If you do, and the RPMS are high…like going to the red zone and the car is not moving faster, I would suspect:

1. low transmission fluid

2. internal transmission wear – probably time for an overhaul or some kind of rebuilding

If the RPMS DON T RISE – like the engine is bogging down and does not have the power to move the car faster I would suspect

3. a lack of fuel supply – like a weak fuel pump or a restriction in the fuel filter 2. restriction in the exhaust system like a catalytic converter or muffler 3. an engine sensor is out of whack – which will require the use of a computer scanner to read the computer memory


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  • bob

    i have a 2002 impala. Same problem. It was a bad catilic converter! Have that checked out.

  • anthony iezzi

    gm is having all kinds of problems with this transaxle due to improper setting of an internal gasket. i have had many customers get theirs repaired for free. there is a TSB out for it.