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Transmission Will Not Reverse

Reader Question

My Nissan Pathfinder automatic transmission will not go in reverse but will go forward.
please advise.
thanks Hector

Hi there Hector

If the automatic transmission fluid is full, and the linkage under the vehicle to the transmission is properly in place I can only assume there is an internal transmission problem.

Usually reverse gear is the first gear to stop working or becomes slow to work when there is excessive internal wear inside the transmission. Removing and opening up the transmission for inspection is probably next on the to do list.

There is no “magic bullet” additive you can pour into the transmission fluid at this stage in the game…the damage is already done. Changing the transmission fluid could actually make things worse.

Changing the fluid and adding new SLICK fluid now, might do more harm than good. The old gritty fluid is acting like liquid sand paper inside the transmission and is actually helping to give some friction to those internally worn parts. The new fluid is slick and grit free, and might cause the transmission to not pull the vehicle at all.

If you have more than 100,000 miles I would be prepared to overhaul this transmission completely….so be prepared for sticker shock :(

Austin Davis

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