Troubleshooting problems with your car can be a nightmare. We have prepared a few articles to help you diagnose problems with your car, truck or SUV. If you are ever in doubt, see your mechanic right away and make sure you can trust him! To make sure you don’t get ripped off, check out our ebook for valuable information.

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Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls – Find out how these two things can save you money on your next repair bill.

Alignment Problems – When to take your car in for an alignment.

Brakes Feel Funny – All about the braking system and what can go wrong.

Brake Noises – No there is not a mouse in your wheel, read the article to find out what really makes that annoying noise.

Is Your Car Overheating – Learn how to tell and diagnose what’s wrong.

Check Engine Light – What does that mysterious light mean?

Finding a Good Mechanic – Tips on finding a good mechanic

Car Won’t Start – How to troubleshoot starter, battery and ignition system.

The Head Gasket – A story about a crankshaft job gone wrong.

Tire Pressure – All about tire pressures.

Auto Air Conditioning – Learn about your AC system and how to troubleshoot it.

Car Smoke – How to troubleshoot a smoking car.

Brake Master Cylinder – How to tell when it’s bad and needs to be replaced.


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