Truck Won’t Start – Battery Dead

dead car batteryHi we purchased a Ford Explorer and on the first day we brought it home parked it then went to go out it wouldn’t start, after getting a boost we took it back to the dealer.

He replaced the alternator so we took it back home and it wouldn’t start again, so we again got a boost and took it back, he kept the truck till Feb 11, and told us it was a wire that was draining the battery and all was well…. it’s now Saturday, Feb 15 and once again it won’t start.

When I called the dealer he said there’s nothing he can do and is not sure why it’s dead AGAIN…the best he could offer was to bring it back on Tuesday.  Nothing was left on, and the remote lock/unlock doesn’t even work there’s nothing when you try to turn the engine over, only the dash lights work…any suggestions????

Many thanks Frustrated but luv my Ford


Hey there!

Has anyone replaced the battery yet?  I would replace the battery or use a known good battery and then do a complete electrical test which includes.

1. Load test the battery (how much of a drain can the battery with stand?)

2. Check for a voltage drain – is something left on that is sucking the battery of its power when the engine and key is off?

3. Check all battery cables and ground wires to make sure they are clean and tight

4. Check the alternator output – does the alternator produce enough power to keep the battery fully charged.

Either you have a bad battery, or there is something that is draining the battery with the key off…stereo, electric seat of window motor, glove-dome-trunk-hood light left on?

This video might be helpful as well.

Keep me posted with what you find out.
Austin Davis

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