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Used Car Needs an Owner’s Manual and New Key?

Dear Austin,
i just bought a used 2004 Toyota Corolla from Richarson Toyota Dealer. the salesman told me that they don’t have the car manual & the original keys. instead they gave me a 2006 user manual & re-build 2 master keys.
please let me know what should i do to have them give me the manual? could this car been in flood before (i doesn’t show in CarFax)?

I would really appreciate if you could let me know what to do.




Hey there Moi,

It is not too uncommon to not have the original owner’s manual, so I would not be too alarmed about that. Why they also lost the keys…….hummmmm, sounds a little suspicious to me, but again I don’t think it would be anything that would break the deal or stop the sale. I would make them order you a brand new owner’s manual though, just so you got the one for the vehicle.

If not…….there are many for sale on

I hoped you had a second opinion “used car check out “ done by another mechanic before you bought this car…..if not, do it!

Print out my check list and complete as much of it as YOU can and get a mechanic to do the rest. It is a pretty good list.

Buy a used car


Austin Davis

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