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Used Fiat – Should I Buy It?

My son and I have just moved to Italy from Big time Troubled Zimbabwe and I have been to see a few second hand cars. A daunting task for a foreign woman who does not speak the language and I do not want be taken for a ride!!!!

I saw a Fiat PANDA, but the engine was very oily, some pooled oil as well. Underneath the vehicle was full of oil and there were oil patches on the ground. The salesman said it would be fixed ( he mentioned replacing the gasket as if that would solve the entire problem). Is this a vehicle with many potential problems? I like the practicality of the car but don’t want to buy car problems.

It is a 1997 model, 49 000 km and cost Euro 2 300 and comes with a one year guarantee.

Help would be great and soooooo appreciated.!!

Mrs Jaslyn


Hi there Jaslyn,

I am not familiar with Fiat…..that brand name did not make it here in the U.S. I would be HIGHLY suspect of the oil leaks though, and I personally would stay clear of this vehicle.

Oil leaks are especially hard to seal, and the repairs can be significantly expensive as well. My favorite vehicles are Honda and Toyota, you really can’t go wrong with one of those as long as it has been maintained properly.

Here is a link to a really good used car check list that will really come in handy during your used car search. Print out a copy of the list and take it with you and fill out as much as you can, and get a mechanic to fill out anything you can not.

Used car check list

Blessings, Austin Davis

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