Used Car Buying Tips

Buying a used car could not be easier.  Great deals are available if you know where to look for them. Buyers should do their home work on the Internet first before stepping foot in the dealership door or visiting a private seller. Getting a price quote before you shop is the key.

When buying a used car there are a few things to remember. Have a mechanic check it out FIRST, take a LONG test drive on the freeway (defects seem to show themselves better after a few miles of driving… like overheating, smoke from the tailpipe, front end vibrations etc.) , feel free to use our pre purchase Used Car Checklist to help you rule out a possible lemon. And negotiate the price as best as you can with comparisons from the quote link above.

Buying can be tricky and sometimes scary, and you should be leery, because used cars can be problematic, why else would people be wanting to get rid of it? Talk to your mechanic and set up a time for them to check it out BEFORE you buy or sign anything. If your current mechanic does not have a “used car check out” procedure you might want to print out ours from the link above and take with you to the shop.

Do not get ain a hurry to run out and buy something. I talk to my customers all day long that are not happy with the purchase they made in haste is now a thorn in their side. What seemed like a great price at the time, after doing some checking online now seems to be too high.

Some of them did not familiarize themselves with all the extra options available to them. They thought they bought the “fully loaded” model only to find out they missed out on some items that are not offered on that model. Example: One customer of mine bought a used car during the summer months, and though he bought the fully loaded model from an individual. When winter came he realized the heated seat feature was not included on his model. A small set back, but non the less it is still bothering him to this day!

Know your options, and make sure you test all of them before you buy! Like the example above, heated seats are a nice feature, but they can also be expensive to repair. Make sure you test them out before you buy.

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Austin Davis, The Honest Mechanic

Austin Davis,
The honest Mechanic

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