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Van Overheats With A/C On

The temperature gauge on my van went up one day and the high temperature warning light went on. At the time the a/c was on.

Of course I turned the car off. I noticed that one electric fan comes on when I turn on the a/c. but the other fan never comes on. When I don’t run the a/c the car never overheats. I don’t get any trouble codes when I test it with the ignition key.


Hey there,

I would definitely check that non working electric fan and the relays that tell them when to come off and shut off, but first things first….check the coolant level INSIDE the radiator…not just inside the overflow bottle on the side of the engine.

Running the A/C puts an additional load on the engine and if the electric cooling fans are not working or the radiator is low on coolant or is restricted with rust or dirt not allowing proper coolant flow in the engine…the engine will overheat. This is not going to be a computer related problem…so I would not expect to see any trouble codes stored in your computer memory.


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