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Volts Light On

When I picked up my car from my mechanics shop, the VOLTS light came on immediately. The shop was closed and will not reopen until a week from Monday, and I desperately need my car and have little money.

The repair that was done: The EGR valve was cleaned out so the check engine light would go off. I was told the valve was packed (like cement). Is it possible the mechanic didn’t reconnect something that is now making the VOLTS light come on?

Are there easy things I can ask a mechanic to check so my car is drivable? My car book says not to drive the car with the VOLTS light on — right?

Thank you so much…I am quite upset.


Hi CE,

I would first check all the fuses, and then I would check the battery cable connections and the alternator connections, then test the alternator.

That Volts light is ON because the computer is not seeing any electrical output from the alternator. You hopefully just have a bad fuse (there could be a fuse box under your hood as well as inside the vehicle) and not a bad alternator.


Austin Davis

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