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VW Beetle ABS and Brake Lights

I have a Turbo VW Beetle – the ABS light and brake lights came on, had a complete brake job done – now ABS light and Anti-slip light comes on and then goes right out but it also makes the radio mute for a few seconds. The other day the lights came on and the car just stopped. Had a computer check run – nothing showed up. Thanks.

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That is very interesting. I am not very familiar with the Beetle sorry to say. The ABS and anti slip lights will probably have to be diagnosed with an ABS brake scanner ..not the normal run of the mill engine code scanner. You might want to ask the shop if the read the ABS trouble codes or just the engine trouble codes. I m also assuming the brake light is no longer coming on after the brake job?.

These cars are ..different, and most general repair shops are not going to have the equipment nor the expertise in troubleshooting an electrical issue like this. The dealer is going to probably be your best place, at least to get a proper diagnosis. Your local repair shop can probably test the ABS sensors and at least rule out a simple repair like changing sensors, but other than that it s going to be over their heads.

Just so you know, each time you start the engine ALL the dash warning lights should come on for a few seconds then go out as the on board computer system checks and verifies each of the components and their sensors. If the light comes on after it was checked and turned off, then you still have a problem and the computer is making a note about it. If you leave the engine running ..and keep the light illuminated on the dash your mechanic should be able to retrieve the trouble code from the computer. If you turn off the engine, you clear the codes .so nothing shows up when the mechanic tries to retrieve data.

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