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What Does A Tune Up Consist Of?

Hello, Austin, I appreciate the correspondence…I want to do a basic tune-up on my Mitsubishi, and of course, my budget is a little tight. I have enough to buy the parts, but maybe not enough to pay a mechanic, and I do have my own tools. What would you recommend a backyard mechanic like myself, as far as getting started on doing a basic tune up, and what is the difference with a major tune-up?

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Hey there Jesse

On this vehicle replacing the spark plugs, spark plug wires air and fuel filters are about all you can really do. None of this is really that hard to do, if you take your time and pay attention to what you are doing. I would remove the spark plugs and plug wires one at a time so you do not get the firing order mixed up. Other than that…….have fun!


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