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What is The Best Used Car To Buy?

Maybe you can help me make up my mind about buying this particular car. It is a 2000 Ford Contour, Six cylinder, the body is in real good shape. It has 123,000 miles on it. I drove it, but to me it felt a little rough. What else can I be doing/looking at?

Hey there Abe

That is not a very swell vehicle, I would steer clear and buy something a little newer, like a KIA Rio 2009-2011. Great price, even new, great maintenance and lots of room for a small vehicle. Test drive a new one just so you know. Most people discredit Kia because its a small car company from Korea, but let me tell you they are taking on all the big auto makers in a big way. They make great vehicles ( I own one), they are very affordable, awesome maintenance record and fuel economy.

Seriously take a test drive!

Austin Davis

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