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What to do when you get pulled over

So you might be taking all of these precautions to keep out from under the radar when it comes to speeding, but in spite of all that, you still get pulled over. What can you do in this situation? Take it slow, for one, and handle the situation with dignity. How you handle things from here on could determine how long it will take for this ticket to slide off your record. It could be a few days or a few years, or if you’re really luckily, it might never slide off at all.

The first rule of dealing with a police officer once you’ve been pulled over is to be nice and respectful. By the time you two get to the side of the road, the officer’s mind if pretty much made up, and you don’t have a chance of convincing him otherwise. However, if you cop an attitude, you’re going to get stuck with a full fine instead perhaps a partial one or being let off with a warning. And if he takes a particular dislike to you, he may flag your ticket with the letters ND, which is note to the judge to not give you any kind of deal when you take it to court.

Don’t say you’re guilty, even if you know you are. One of the first things a cop will ask you when he comes up to your car, besides asking for your license and proof of insurance, is whether you know why you were pulled over. You may know full well why you were pulled over, but feign ignorance. If you say,”Yeah, I guess I was going a little fast,” that is an admission of guilt, and you’ve now thrown away any chance of taking the ticket down in court.

Just a little bit of courtesy can get you the long way.


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