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Wheel Squeaks on Bumps

Hey Austin

Long time…no talk. We’re talking car problems in the office and of course, I’m listening to these engineers tell each other what they think the problem is, but the one who has the problem keeps spending money trying to get everything fixed…but still hears the same problem. His left front wheel makes squeaking noise when he hits a bump or dip in the pavement. He said they told him it wasn’t a strut or a shock. Could it be a bushing?


Howdy Sue,

You come up with the strangest stuff don’t you. Hmmm, I would really need to look at this car and listen to the noise myself to really determine what is going on, but I would try to rule out a few things first. Could it be a loose fan belt by chance?

You said a squeal, not a squeak….a squeak would lead me to think of a rubber bushing, strut or strut mounting bushing that has worn out or is missing causing a rattle or squeek noise to occur when he hits a bump.

You did not say anything about a noise when he brakes….so it might not have anything to do with the brakes???? I would check the belts, then have a front end alignment mechanic check the underside of the vehicle for wear.

I would also pull the two front tires off and look at the brakes, just to make sure you rule them out…..and don’t get focused on one side of the vehicle, sounds are hard to locate and can easily travel from one side of the vehicle to the other.

Take care, and keep me posted will ya?

Austin Davis

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