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When to Replace Oxygen Sensor

I have a Nissan with approximately 218,000 miles.  I was told that the oxygen sensors may need to be changed to help with gas mileage.  What do you suggest?  How do you know when they need to me changed?  What is an approximate cost to do this job?  Thank you for your attention and assistance.  I look forward to your reply.

Hi there,

I typically do not replace the oxygen sensors unless there is a problem with them, like a check engine light that is ON the dash. I have heard of shops replacing them on a “routine maintenance” type of basis, but I think that is more of a sale pitch than anything else.

It is true that the main function of the sensor is to control fuel consumption, but will replacing the sensors periodically improve fuel mileage and save money….I really don’t think so, not enough to pay for the sensor replacement anyway.


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