Where Can I Buy A Diesel Engine Fuel Filter

I bought a 1985 ford tempo DIESEL gl 5-speed car. other information I have on it: 2.0 L, 122 cid, 1989 cc (I don’t know what that means). I need a diesel fuel filter but everywhere I’ve gone (with filter in hand) I’m told “they don’t make them no more – where did you buy this car?”.

The now clogged-up filter is a fram pcs 3670. nobody I called claims to know where to get such a thing and my husband is about to cut off my allowance (ha) because he told me NOT to buy the car. in the meantime the starter went out too and nobody seems to know where to get another (new or rebuilt) one. can you help a damsel in distress?

thanks, ursula


Hello there damsel Ursula,


Wow, never heard of a Diesel Ford Tempo before…..your husband was probably correct in not buying this.

I went to the Fram website, and the part number is still available from them


at the bottom of that page is a list of competitors part numbers, you might want to call around or see if you can buy on the Internet. I would call Ford and have them special order you one and save yourself some hassle.

The starter, you can have YOUR starter rebuilt at your local alternator and starter repair shop, so check your local phone book or call a repair shop and ask them who they recommend.

Austin Davis

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