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Where is the Fuel Filter Located?

Hello Trusty Mechanic

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question I own a Mitsubishi Triton 3lt Petrol and I am trying to do some DIY servicing until I can recover from Christmas financially, are you able to tell me where the fuel filter is located in this car.

Thanks for your time

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Howdy Angela,

We don’t have that model in the states….so I really can’t tell you for sure where the filter is located. In my cases the filter is found towards the rear of the vehicle mounted on the body of the car within 4 feet of the fuel tank.

I would get under the vehicle and follow the metal fuel lines coming from the fuel tank forward towards the engine compartment until you find the filter. In some rare cases there is no external fuel filter at all…….the fuel filter is made onto the fuel pump located inside the fuel tank. And a few Honda’s and Toyota’s mount their fuel filter under the hood near the engine.



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