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Why Clock and Radio Reset Overnight


Have you ever heard of this problem? I have seen this happen 2 times (although they are not consecutive) during the past week.  This appears to me as a novice that there is some kind of an electrical reset.  I turned off the engine when I parked,  the power goes out (lights, clock). Normally, all electrical stuff stays on until the door is opened.

To make this more weird, there is a sound, almost like there is a release of air (for lack of better words) and the dash gauges will flutter a little. When I go to restart the engine, it starts normal however the clock has been reset to 12:00.

The second time it happened I was in a parking spot with a an incline. The first time, there may have been a small incline but not sure.

Hey there,

I would suspect a bad battery. Have your battery “load tested” to see if it is due for a change. If the battery is older than 4 years old, I would replace it regardless.


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