Why is my Car Overheating?

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why is my car overheatingHey my car has been overheating and my electric fan in my car wasn’t turning on then my mechanic fixed it yesterday but the day after it overheated again.  I also had my thermostat taken out of my car.  What is the cause of overheating?

Another issue is when I brake my car shakes I was told I had a bad rotor on my left front brake and a lug nut also fell off my rim. Help!


Hi there Lisa, 

Did you watch my overheating video?  I will put that below for you to watch.   First thing I would do is get a better mechanic, this one sounds very inexperienced, which will ALWAYS cost you more money guessing.

I would look at your radiator and make sure there is not a restriction at the bottom and it is due for replacement. Also they should do a cooling system pressure test FIRST to rule out a possible internal or external coolant leak.

Taking the thermostat out (which is NOT advisable on a computer controlled vehicle) is a shade tree mechanic way to help improve the coolant circulation inside the engine usually due to a radiator restriction.

The shaking, yes it is probably due to a “warped” brake rotor. Here is my video on that too.

I would suggest you replace the brake rotors and not try to machine them. Yes, it will cost a little bit more but the new rotor will last longer than the old machined down rotor will.

Austin Davis

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  1. Roger in Geelong says:

    Great article and videos. Being in a very warm part of Australia I’ve experienced vehicle overheating problems many times in the past. They are never fun and you really need to make sure you get them attended to and fixed before they create major issues like a cracked head.

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