Will Too Much Oil Hurt my Engine?

Thank you sooo much. It seems like whenever you send these videos out, It happens to deal with a need I have. hehehehe. I recently took my car to a dealer for an oil change and it overheated after driving 50 miles. The next day you send this… again, Thanks for all the great tips and explanations.
While at the dealers, I go back to service area to get something from my car and am chatting with the serviceman.. I get a little nervous, when he can’t find the oil cap and is wondering ..where do you put the oil in????

I showed him the cap on the cover and he looks over at a guy on a computer to verify this…(I realize HE is the actual mechanic)…The next day while checking my car, I notice on my dipstick, the oil mark is about 3/4 to 1 inch above the safe line area.. If he has loaded too much oil, can this cause pressure or any harm to the seals or anything else on a 34 year old engine.?



Hi Alan,

Glad the videos are helpful to you…Ill make you some more :)

Yes, having too much oil inside the engine is not going to be good for this or any engine.  I would go back to the mechanic and let them drain out a little bit so it’s within the manufacturer specs.  You have done well keeping this vehicle on the road so far…let’s not let this jeopardize that now.

Austin Davis

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