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Windshield Wiper Not Working

My windshield wipers are not working. I have replaced the wiper motor and the wiper switch and fuse but still nothing is working. Help! The mechanic, also said he has checked all the wiring and that is not the problem either…he is stumped.



Hello Lynn,

Hummmm, so you replaced the wiper motor with a new one, and also the “multi function” switch….the black or chrome lever that operates the wipers and the turn signals…correct? That lever/switch is the most common failure for this problem that I have seen.
If you have replaced both of those, have your mechanic check to see if you have an “intermittent wiper governor”. This part is about half the size of a cigarette box and just plugs into the wire harness for the wipers. Look under the left knee area of the driver side dashboard and follow the wire harness from the steering column going to the wiper motor. There should be this box plugged into the wire harness within that section of wires.

Some models had this governor, some do not….so you will have to check to see if yours is equipped with it or not. Your mechanic should be able to tell you this. We have replaced a few of these governors over the years, usually for the intermittent part of the wiper not working…but it COULD be the problem in this case. I would check this part next if you were at my shop. I dont have a wiring diagram for your vehicle, or I would look it up myself to see if this part exists on your exact model. Hopefully the mechanic is using a wiring diagram for this vehicle.

On another note, it sounds like you need another mechanic, one that is more competent with electrical stuff. I imagine you have already spent twice as much money replacing parts than getting a proper diagnosis from the dealership.


Austin Davis

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