Wipe New Headlight Restoration Kit

By Austin Davis / January 28, 2013

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Have you seen the TV commercials for “Wipe New”, the product that is supposed to make your faded out car exterior plastic look like new again?

Well, I bought it and used it on my 2 vehicles at home and wanted to share my findings and review of Wipe New with you.

I opted for the “upgrade” from a standard 1.5 oz bottle to a larger 3 oz bottle and got the headlight restoration kit as well.  My total invoice was $62 with shipping fees etc.

I must say, I did both of my vehicle headlights and all the exterior black plastic and only used maybe .5o oz of the stuff, so their claim that 1 bottle will treat an average vehicle is pretty accurate.

It has only been a week since application, but it has rained and we have had a lot of direct sunlight…and so far things still look brand new.

I apologize in advance for the width of this video, my 8 year old took the video for me. :)

If you have used this product, either the headlight restoration or on your exterior plastic please leave your comments below.

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