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Wipe New Review

Hello there everyone!

I wanted to share my thoughts and review about the as seen on TV product Wipe New, that restores the faded exterior plastic on your car.

I was a little skeptical as you probably are too.  Does it LAST?  Well, I went ahead and bought the product and used it on my 2 vehicles (which really needed it) and it seems to work just as they claim, and it looked great for about 6 months…which is fantastic in my opinion. It was VERY easy and fast to apply, so if I have to apply it every 6 months it is worth it.

When you purchase from their website, you will be sent through 4 other “upsell” offers before you end up on the check out page.  One of those offers was to upgrade the bottle size from 1.5 ounces (their standard bottle) to a 3 oz bottle and a headlight restoration kit.

I am a sucker, and bought the additional bottle and the upsell for the headlights.  The total price of my purchase was $62 once you get those $9.95 handling fees etc. etc. added in.

I would recommend you buy 1 small bottle and see how much coverage it will give you, it was more than enough to do both my vehicles twice with product still left over.

I made this short video demonstration of me using Wipe New on my rear bumper cover.  It has been about a week now, after a rain and lots of direct sunlight and still looks perfect.

Just for watching my videos below, I will give you a free copy of my very popular auto repair ebook ( I sell it for $19)

Here is the link to my ebooks as my way of saying thank you. There is NO charge to you.

If you have used this product, please leave your comments below.

Sorry for the small video size, my 8 year old was the videographer.


UPDATE  ——- 4 Months After Application Video Below (update again, looked really good for 6 months then I re-applied)

I give this product a good thumbs up.

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  • Dale Garcia

    I watched both videos featuring wipe new, but I see no instructions as to how to receive your e book free of charge. I’m sure the book would be very useful in so many ways, so how can I get my free copy? Thanks in advance.

  • Nimbuzz

    I’m also a film maker and thought your daughter did an unusually good job with the camera work!

  • Kerry Millerick

    Thanks for the thorough, well-shot review.
    Since I am an actual Hollywood director, I thought I would pass along my compliments to your cinematographer daughter. Not only does she “follow the action” better than most adults, she has a steady hand. (And I appreciated that your follow up video was shot horizontally rather than in vertical mode.)
    Congratulations to you both for an informative video!

  • Austin Davis


    Thank you so much for your comment. My daughter loves to help her daddy (and I love her help) and will be filming another video together today.

    God Bless you!

  • Dear Austin,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to report on the product, WipeNew, I think it’s called.

    When I saw it on TV I immediately researched it on Google and was pleased to find your report BEFORE I spent money on the product. I have not ordered WipeNew yet as I just saw it on TV and just saw your posting on its performance.
    However, I also read some of the other comments on your website and saw the comment about “a better product called Refinish Restorer, which I already bought but have not tried yet. Therefore, I will post an ad about how I think Refinish Restorer works once I’ve tried that product first.
    Back to WipeNew and what might be IN the prodipuct… I believe, if you call the company, they MAY tell you what is in the product. Or at least give you some idea. I say “might give you some info” because they are sometimes “vague” as you say, because they know smart consumers will just go out and buy the ingredients they used, if consumers can, and not have to buy their product. Terrible I think, but as a business, understandable, I suppose.

    Having said what pertains to consumers, what I hope to share with you yourself is… you seem to be a pretty good dad the way I hear you encourage and acknowledge your daughter on the videos. However, I wonder if you will consider your apologies about her video taping. I’m sure she can see those words when you watch the videos. And I don’t mean to meddle, but I think she did a FANTASTIC job on the video taping! i also believe it would go very, very far in her heart if you didn’t apologize for her taping, but rather, acknowledge the wonderful job she does do. After all she is only 8-9 years old and I never would have known a child was taping your comments about these products. I mean it. Her taping is awesome!
    So, as one Christain parent to another (sure seems like you are) I hope you don’t mind the encouragement regarding your comments about the video operator.

    Back to the product at hand… I’ll try to write more as soon as I use the Refinish Renew product so your readers may have more info in comparing.

    Thanks so much and so glad I found your website for all things mechanical in the future!

  • Austin Davis

    I made a video about engine steam cleaning (which I do not recommend)

    I have not used Wipe New under the hood, so I cant say for sure what to mix or dilute it with…if you should dilute at all, the bottle says to make sure the area is dry, so water might hamper the results.

    A lot of people will use a rag with a light spray of silicone or WD 40 or Armoral on under hood plastic parts.

  • dexter

    hi austin if I am detailing my engine bay it is recomended that I use a spray bottle to mist the hard to reach areas . do I dilute the wipe new if so what ratio and with what.

  • Austin Davis

    George, glad you asked. I had been meaning to make an updated video….which I just did and added it to the page. Take a look and see what you think

  • George hacking

    Well after a few months how is that wipe new finish ? Is it just acetone?

  • Austin Davis

    Awesome, thanks for sharing always looking for a “better” product for my vehicles. Will check it out.

  • Chuck

    I really appreciate your reviews on certain products that keep your vhicle looking, and working great. However, I must let you know about a product that I believe is much better, and lasts much longer, than the Wipe New that you recently demonstrated.
    The product is called Refinish Restorer and you can find it here:

    First off, let me tell you that I am in NO WAY affliated with this company, but I wanted you to know about it as I am a member of several Chevy Avalanche clubs which swear by this product, and I have used it on my personal truck also.

    This product makes the cladding look like NEW…and one can can last you several years as it only takes a little bit to do the entire truck….and if you are familiar with an Avalanche, that is a LOT of cladding to do!

    It doesn’t run when it rains, like some other product will do…and you can touch it up once a year if you would like, just to keep it new looking longer.

    Anyway, I thought that maybe you would like to check it out and compare it yourself with the Wipe New that you just demonstrated.

    You will get more product for the money…and it will last longer.

    For before and after pics from members of one of the National Chevy Avalanche clubs, you can see them here:,101061.0.html

    Thanks again for all you do…and keep the reviews coming! lol