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Worn Out Struts?

Hi Mr. Davis,

I have an Acura with 110K. Everything is fine with the vehicle, but it rides somewhat rougher than I think it should. Small bumps on relatively smooth roads don’t cause any problem, but when the road is rough, the ride becomes very rough.

Of course this is somewhat normal, but rather than just getting jostled a bit, there is a huge racket at times. I can feel strong vibrations in the steering wheel and in the car body. It just feels loose, and sounds loud.

I know the struts and shocks are good, as they were replaced at 75K, and I had a mechanic check them when I had new tires installed recently. The tires are also excellent Grand Touring tires.

I had initially hoped this would solve the problem, but it hasn’t. I have checked the end-links myself as well as I could, as well as other suspension components and there doesn’t seem to be anything horribly out of place.

Is this just a worn suspension after all the miles? What can I do to improve the ride? I am considering having all the bushings replaced, but this may require total control arm replacement on both sides, and could cost me more than I would like. What about the steering wheel vibration? Can it be that the steering column is loose and needs tightening.

Again, the vehicle handles turn-ins very nicely, does not bounce or lean excessively. It’s just very uncomfortable on rough roads.

What do you think?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Hello Kagan,


Have you been able to get a mechanic to drive this vehicle with you on rough road so they can experience the same thing you are experiencing? I would really try to get that to happen.

Since you said the ride is just fine on smooth road and on turns…..I can only assume that everything in the front end of the vehicle is tight, but if you have not had the front end aligned lately I would suggest you do that.

That will also give the front suspension parts and bushings an inspection during the alignment process.

I still kinda think you have an issue with the tires. Most of the time when my customers complain of these types of problems it is due to tire noise/problems. If it has been more than 10,000 miles since you had the tires balanced and rotated I would do that and see if it changes anything.

Shaking/vibration in the steering wheel is usually due to a front tire that is out of balance.

Keep me posted as to what you find out will ya?


Austin Davis

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