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Young and new drivers good car insurance rates for good driving records

Reader question:

I’m twenty one but I’m a great driver! I’m still getting charged outrageous rates for my car insurance policy. Can’t auto insurance companies see that I’m not just some statistic?


Wellll…not really.

Auto insurance companies are all about insurance. They don’t take you on as a customer because you look like a fine young lad nor because you always help out at the church. They don’t care about you in particular. They’re a business, like any other, and it’s just a fact of life that if you want to protect yourself and your belongings, you’re just going to have to deal with them.

Because car insurance companies deal in statistics, you’re going to be looking at high rates for the next few years to come.This seems unfair, but it is a fact that drivers under the age of 25, especially males, are more likely to be reckless when driving, and as such more likely to get in car accidents that cause car insurance companies to pay out. This may not apply to you, personally, but insurance companies quote you based on the groups you and your car are a part of, so if you are from a group that gets in more accidents, expect higher rates.

But don’t imagine that you’re gettng completely left out on a limb here. Young drivers get awarded for driving well just as older drivers do. That is to say, they can get a discount for having a good driving record. This is why it’s a good reason to drive safely while you’re young, because you really need the discount to offset the higher prices. Call up your insurance company to make sure that this discount is on your policy, because if you have a good driving record, you are qualified for it, and most companies offer it. Don’t let your prices get out of hand. You may be young, but you can still control them.


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