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Your marriage and your car insurance.

Reader question:

I just got married a couple of months ago. Will this have any impact on my car insurance rates?


First off, congratulations!

This is an exciting time for you, and everything in your life is probably changing. I’m surprised you remembered your car insurance, as few people think about it after such an emotional event. Truth is, though, that getting married is one of the few major life changes that can impact your car insurance, so once you tie the knot it’s something you need to think about.

First things first, look over your existing coverage. Now that you have a spouse, you want to make sure the coverage that you have works for both of you, especially the liability. You’re going to need to make some changes to protect the added assets of your new joint household.

Putting both of your names on the same policy can save a lot of money, so most new couples do this. Not only do you get lower rates the more cars and drivers you include on your insurance, but the bills become a lot more manageable.

If the two of you are buying a home, adding car insurance with the same company you’re getting your home insurance with can save you a lot as well.

Your husband will benefit the most out of this, if he’s still in the age range where men are afflicted with high rates. After marriage, males 25 or under see a huge reduction on their premiums, especially if they combine it with their spouse.

Enjoy your new life,

Fashun Guadarrama.

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